Adventures of Mana – Out Now on PS Vita

Relive the excitement of Final Fantasy Adventure (aka Mystic Quest in Europe) ― a timeless classic remastered for a new generation as Adventures of Mana, available now on PlayStation Vita as well as iOS and Android devices!
Originally released as Final Fantasy Adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1991, Adventures of Mana is the epic story of trusted companions who journey to protect the sacred life-giving Mana Tree from the powerful Dark Lord of Glaive.
This remastered version offers fans the enhanced visuals, revamped menus and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer. The background music for the original Game Boy version will be available on all platforms.


  1. Hyou Vizer

    ah so it was originally a mobile game, you can tell…………..

  2. LIMP stick

    Awe thought this was going to be a good game like the secret/ legend of mana games. Not this crap, tired of the look they put in every one of there hand held games, you cant even really tell the games apart.

  3. Sean Spear

    I remember beating this on my old white brick gameboy back in the early 90s. I will be getting this asap

  4. The Strahl

    I've been playing this all day, so much fun!

  5. Thirteen 1355

    Don't know, but this is essentially a downgrade of Sword of Mana.

  6. Jo Mormont

    Should get a PC port.

  7. Coouge

    Vita games just keeps getting better and better

  8. Sukoshi-Karasu

    how many times do they plan on remaking this game? They made a version for the gba called sword of mana now it's adventures of mana for the ps vita must be an awesome game if they keep remaking it still haven't beaten the gba version yet

  9. Kamron Thurmond

    I will buy this after I beat Dragon Age Inquisition ( just got to Skyhold) hopefully before FF15 is released. Otherwise it will have to wait.

  10. Random Guy

    I will play this on my smartphone =)
    I loved Secret of Mana.. but holy shit did Square just bring a Chocobo into the Seiken Densetsu series or am i just trippin?

  11. Haishao

    New Mana game… More like new Mana soundtrack and concept arts to collect.

  12. OwtDaftUK

    So this is basically mystic quest remastered. They already remade this from game boy to gameboy advance and this one doesn't look much better. Looks like Final Fantasy 3 on DS.

  13. ClarenseE

    I don't get how can Final Fantasy Adventure magically become "Adventures of Mana", a whole different series… as if they did not care abou the lore ONE BIT!

  14. Marek GAMELASTER Kraus

    Sword of Mana pls

  15. Yougetagoldstar

    bullshit… make an actual good mana game!
    credit to whoever made this game, as it is very difficult to make a game. really, credit to all the artists and programmers for their hard work, but damn… when will they finally make a good mana game with heart and style? legend of mana looked great and had great music, but the story was kind of lacking… sub stories were allright but i was never gripped.. seiken densetsu 3 looked great for its time, but the story was lacking a bit… seiken 2, secret of mana 2 was phenominal for its time and has stayed with me forever, we need another seiken 2 with a new, fresh epic story!

  16. Deuce017

    Omg, I was 10 years old when I played this game. It was also the very first of the Mana series I played. =D

  17. Vendura

    An other remake then ?

  18. alfasilverblade

    Seiken Dentsetsu 1 remake AGAIN! I already have sword of mana on the gameboy advance and its way better than this smartphone crap. And who the hell has a PS Vita, I though this portable failure died like 3 years ago.

  19. popimpi

    Thank you SE

  20. Lu Sekai

    I want to play this and also watch it

  21. Kusiga

    Steam version soon please!

  22. J C


  23. Elias Gabriel S Ilano

    Legend of mana remaster or remake please

  24. Battlechili

    Please port this to PC Square

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