Taking place in a fictitious 30 years before FINAL FANTASY XV, this game features retro-style inspired graphics centered around a fast-paced combat system with influences from modern gaming. The in-depth combat system blends intense attacks, devastating magic, mighty summons and unique companion attacks into a singular gaming experience through three diverse locations in the world of FINAL FANTASY XV.

Restless before bed young Noctis asks his father, King Regis, to tell a fairy tale full of fantasy and adventure instead of just another generic bedtime story. Regis begins with a peaceful day being disrupted when monsters raid the royal capital, Insomnia. Young Regis, joined by Weskham, starts his adventure from the royal capital. Eventually they are joined by friends Cid and Clarus, where they travel to the plains of Duscae only to discover a mysterious cave where their enemy resides. Throughout the tall tale, King Regis and Noctis interject their own commentary, adding depth and perspective to the story itself.


  1. KnightRaymund

    So bullshit.

  2. Flavius King

    hope they release this separately, since I have not pre-ordered a game from gamestop since red dead redemption and dont intend to.

  3. Big Boar PH

    it looks like an android game

  4. Mike Saint-Jules

    Will this still be available on 9/30 regardless of the delay of the main game?

  5. Pratik Parija

    Eh, is this game only available through pre-order at gamestop because I have the game pre-ordered on Square Enix store?

  6. RUNproductionz

    looks like a crappy flash game version of Dungeon Fighter online

  7. Jordan

    fuck store exclusive pre order bonuses like this. hope the game flops for you square.

  8. Alex Green

    How old is Regis in xv?

  9. SửperKợnaŧẳ

    Already pre-ordered FFXV from PSN. So, Gamestop exclusive bonuses? Okay, I'll just pirate this shit if there ever comes a chance, and won't feel bad at all.

  10. Skywarp Channel

    Can I buy "A King's Tale" by itself later on or is it only available from GameStop pre-ordering?

  11. Name

    This looks… really bad. Yes, I get it's retro… but compared to other "retro" beat em ups, both actually retro and indie games pretending to be retro, this looks like trash.

  12. Yharnam Inugami

    It looks awesome

  13. CardriderDraw - Level2

    its a GAME exclusive in the uk cause thats apparently the only fucking games retailer in britain… which is surprising…. wonder what retailer the japanese get this from?

  14. JRPG gaming

    +Square Enix NA will just buy Kings Tale through ebay 🙂 I'm sure some sellers will have some. pre ordered FF XV elsewhere months ago and since we are so close to release it would be too much trouble to cancel now

  15. orbitaldragon

    They really should of released this a week or so before the actual game comes out. When FF15 comes out I am popping that bad boy straight in.. not going to mess around with the side titles.. although I would still like to play them out.

  16. Edward Young Jr.

    This better eventually appear on the DLC season pass.

  17. Dwight Schrute

    The pixel art/sprite work looks fucking AMAZING

  18. ۵ χ ۵

    Yes, the dark skin man is in fact the bartender you see in Altissia. His name is Weskham. ❤?

  19. Revo Comix

    Will this be available at a later date on ps4? I would love to play this!

  20. SadSynth

    WHY are you not making this a separate game for smartphones, 3DS, Vita, PC, SOMETHING separate? How did big companies get so much wrong so often lol? Try asking one single person if they like what you're doing.

  21. BoxxyFan

    wow, this looks like ass.

  22. Felix Rodriguez

    i will never play this shit never

  23. Carl

    Is this standalone?

  24. Robert Jay

    Basically a fuck you to anyone who bought the Collector's or Deluxe Edition from SE Store.

  25. Brian Doran

    … I didn't pre-order this but I still got a download code on the receipt, cool.

  26. Lightningdude

    2 things wrong with this: black guy with guns again and they are using magic but not affecting your own team

  27. Kynon Ardoin II

    I have a royal rainament code if anyone wants to trade

  28. Fallout 3 isn't that Bad

    I thought It said 'To exploit enemy penises

  29. Shadow Dancer

    Fuck u GameStop

  30. Yobany

    i preordered final fantasy 15 (+ season pass ) and i want to knoe how do i get this game? i live in germany if that changes anything

  31. MewStor

    This game was still only free at Gamestop good it will be free next month :).

  32. TheObserver85

    Not sure why this couldn't get a PS Vita release?

  33. Luqman Darries

    I'm getting that golden axe vibe

  34. Mike Caudill

    You think by now they just make good games

  35. Silver Akstilettos

    Why did I just get an email for this?

  36. Lincoln Abernathy

    this is a really good game for being free

  37. Barbaryotaku

    I downloaded for free off PSN. In your face Gamespot.

  38. Omer - Toronto GQ

    Its 2017 and it seems Retro is doing very well!
    .. with this new Final Fantasy retro style game being announced and the new Double Dragon 8-bit retro style game for the PS 4
    ….wow…definitely the sign of the times we live in.

  39. Pamperedpups yey


  40. Matthew Paul

    Not PC, don't care.

  41. Loxtin xpace

    this game would be cool in the ps vita, as well

  42. Emil Bambjerg

    Am I the only one who thought this was going to be 4-man Co-op? >3<

  43. VSiFer

    Eu trouxe a gameplay COMPLETA desse jogo com os diálogos TRADUZIDOS no meu canal. Dê uma olhada e se inscreva.

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