🔴 Battletoads auf der Gamescom 2019 angezockt | Gameplay Livestream

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  • 🔴 Battletoads auf der Gamescom 2019 angezockt | Gameplay Livestream

Wir zocken LIVE von #XboxGC in Battletoads rein!

#Battletoads ist bald exklusiv im #XboxGamePass und auf #XboxOne verfügbar ➤ https://www.xbox.com/games/battletoads

Das Warten ist vorbei, denn Rash, Zitz und Pimple kehren endlich zu Morph Attack zurück, um sich durch ein völlig neues actiongeladenes Abenteuer aus choreographiertem Chaos zu kämpfen, und Couch Coop wird vielleicht nie wieder dasselbe sein.



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  1. Skeith Lumen

    This is much good game than Street of Rage 4.

  2. ISH1neYI

    What da fuck is this!? Go fuck urselft with ur fuckin art design.

  3. don Juan

    Hype and ready to preorder

  4. Wasteland Wizard

    Can’t wait for this epic return

  5. paulo marques


  6. Jack Purchase

    Wow, this game definitely looks alot better when seeing actual gameplay rather than the trailers. I'm not however liking the designs and looks of the toads.

  7. Mike Gross


  8. Shadow The Ghost


  9. George Kilmister

    Yes! Bringing it now

  10. Edcarlos Souza

    What an ugly design…

  11. MrTBSC

    artstyle is fine, gameplay is what i am looking for ….. looks a bit slow

  12. Oleh Khoda

    I understand that fact there is a lot of work for this game/Artists/animation/sound/codding/design of elements/team work/ but!!!
    Original Battletoads is scroll game with arcade elements/hard,i mean super hard missions,interesting story and many many many tries to pass this freacking levels…
    But this game…
    Its looks like FIGHTING -passing game/Its totally different stuff/
    When i saw trailer for this game first time,
    I had goosebumps all over my body! i was expecting something great,something that will take me to childhood and won't let me tear myself away from the screen, old soul design and those atmosphere of space/strange planets,needed to save my friend etc/It was best Nintendo game !!!Totally!!!
    But this…I am disappointed a bit/sorry, but this game looks weak/there is no soul in this game(At list now/

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